Oslo Jazzfestival - Friday

It's Friday night and the 6th day of Oslo Jazzfestival. Here are photographs from this night's concerts at various venues in downtown Oslo.


Susanna Wallumrød at Victoria teater.

Susanna at Victoria teater

During the last decade, Susanna Wallumrød has managed to release 11 albums, of which several has received Spellemannprisen. 

Jo Berger Myhre

The latest album, Triangle, received the award "Radka Toneff Minnepris" in 2015.

Susanna Wallumrød

Susanna Wallumrød (vocal)
Jo Berger Myhre (bass)
Andreas S. Løwe (keyboard)
Helge Sten (guitar)
Fredrik Wallumrød (drums)

Håkon Kornstad tenor battle

The accomplished saxophonist, turned opera singer, Håkon Kornstad is breaking barriers with his performance. 

Håkon Kornstad

Kornstad started as saxophonist and released several albums in the lat 1990's and early 2000's. Then he made a sharp turn and spend the next decade as a successful opera singer.

At Sentralen, the two skills were combined into a unique tenor battle.

Lars Henrik Johansen, Håkon Kornstad and Per Zanussi

Håkon Kornstad (saxophone)
Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium)
Lars Henrik Johansen (harpsichord)
Per Zanussi (double bass)
Øyvind Skarbø (percussion)

Jazzin’ Babies

Jazzin’ Babies at the stage at Stortorvet Gjæstgiveri.  

Jazzin’ Babies

The group started in 2003 and claims to be playing 1920's "hotjazz".

Jermund Kristiansen

Kristoffer Kompen (trombone)
Erik Eilertsen (trumpet)
Lars Frank (saxophone)
Torgeir Koppang (piano)
Jermund Kristiansen (bass)
Torbjørn Kristiansen (guitar)
Per Frydenlund (drums)

Les Haricots Rouges

Also at Stortorvet Gjæstgiveri, at Gamla, the French group "Les Haricots Rouges" charmed the audience with humor and a variety well know jazz songs.

Les Haricots Rouges

Freeze frame fun with Jacques Montébruno

Pierre Jean (trumpet)
Christophe Deret (trombone)
Norbert Congrega (banjo)
Jacques Montébruno (clarinet)
Alain Huguet (double bass)
Michel Senamaud (drums)

Green Peppers

Green Peppers played a tribute to Herb Alpert at the stage at Buckleys. 

Green Peppers

Torstein Ellingsen (trumpet)
Ola Lømo Ellingsen (trumpet)
Marius Hoven (trombone)
Eyvind Ellingsen (guitar)
Einar Thorbjørnsen (piano)
Øivind Madsen (bass)
Erik Jøkling (drums)

The Oslo Jazz Festival Orchestra 2016

My highlight this evening, the Oslo Jazz Festival Orchestra 2016 at Victoria. 

Oslo Jazz Festival Orchestra 2016

These are some of the best jazz musicians in Norway at the moment.

Jon Balke is the most experienced in the quintet

Trygve Seim, Ellen Andrea Wang and Mathias Eick

Mathias Eick and Gard Nilssen

Mathias Eick (trumpet)
Trygve Seim (saxophone)
Jon Balke (piano)
Ellen Andrea Wang (double bass)
Gard Nilssen (drums)

About this project

I've been covering all seven days of the Oslo Jazzfestival in a project in cooperation with Wikimedia and with support from the Jazzfestival. The purpose of the project is to document concerts and events of the festival, while increasing the number of illustrated articles on Wikipedia in Scandinavia.

The result from the project will eventually be visible at Wikimedia. 

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