Oslo Jazzfestival - Saturday

Photo's and impressions of the the last day at Oslo Jazzfestival 2016.


The first to enter the stage, and the last to leave this day; the musicians in Lydkolonien and the 12 hour long jam sessions at Ingensteds by Akerselva.

Lydkolonien with Stian Unhjem as guest on the guitar

Bugge Wesseltoft

Ellen Andrea Wang

Ellen Andrea Wang's 12 hour long jam session only after appearing at three other festival concerts the few days before.

Vidar Johansen

Guest apperance from Siv Øyunn Kjenstad on drums. 

Harald Lassen

Stian Unhjem

Vidar Johansen with guests Edvard Askeland on bass and an unknown guitarist. Askeland is also the General Manager of Oslo Jazzfestival.

Bugge Wesseltoft (keyboard)
Vidar Johansen (saxophone)
Harald Lassen (saxophone)
Ellen Andrea Wang (double bass)
Bendik Baksaas (Disc jockey)
Tom Olstad (drums)

Some of the guests apperances:
Siv Øyunn Kjenstad (drums)
Stian Unhjem (guitar)
Edvard Askeland (double bass)
Unidentified (guitar)

Staffan William-Olsson Trio

Staffan William-Olsson Trio at the stage at Herr Nielsen.

Staffan William-Olsson

Terje Gewelt (double bass)
Magnus Sefaniassen Eide (drums)
Staffan William-Olsson (guitar)


Gammalgrass at Buckleys.  

Stian Carstensen

Ola Kvernberg won the Spellemannprisen for best Jazz album in 2011.

Ola Kvernberg

Ola Kvernberg (fiddle)
Ole Morten Vågan (double bass)
Stian Carstensen (guitar)

Trygve Seim - Rumi Songs

Trygve Seim at the stage at Victoria.

 Seim and Augestad

Seim and Augestad

Rumi Songs is a cooperation between Trygve Seim and Tora Augestad.

Tora Augestad

The lyrics are from the 11th century poet Jalaladin Rumi, and was resited by Erling Kittelsen.

Erling Kittelsen

Svante Henryson and Frode Haltli

Trygve Seim (saxophone)
Tora Augestad  (vocal)
Frode Haltli (accordion)
Svante Henryson (cello)
Erling Kittelsen (spoken words)

Hanna Paulsberg Concept

Hanna Paulsberg Concept with Knut Riisnæs at the stage at Herr Nielsen.  

The quartet led by Hanna Paulsberg

Hanna Paulsberg (saxophone)
Oscar Grönberg (piano)
Trygve Waldemar (double bass)
Hans Hulbækmo (drums)
Knut Riisnæs (saxophone)

Ida Nielsen

Funk bassist Ida Nielsen at Victoria teater. 

Nielsen's talent was discovered by Prince, and she was bassist in 3rdeyegirl and New Power Generation until 2016.

Guest apperances from André Martin Hadland

The concert was the first of her tour in Northern Europe.

Ida Nielsen (bass)
Sofia Hejslet (keyboard)
Mika Vandborg (guitar)
Yassin Daulne (Disc jockey)
Patrick Dorcean (drums)
André Martin Hadland (vocal)

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I've been covering all seven days of the Oslo Jazzfestival in a project in cooperation with Wikimedia and with support from the Jazzfestival. The purpose of the project is to document concerts and events of the festival, while increasing the number of illustrated articles on Wikipedia in Scandinavia.

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