Serendip at Oslo Jazzfestival

Serendip is a jazzfestival, presented by Norwegian Academy of Music. Three of the bands is also participating in a Serendip-series at Oslo Jazzfestival. The concerts held in the Winter garden at Sentralen on the Friday of the festival week. Theyt all features young established or upcoming bands.

Lille Balkong

First out Lille Balkong.

Lille Balkong

Vocalist Thea Emilie Wang

Thea Emilie Wang (vocal)
Henrik Sandstad Dalen (double bass)
Kenneth Enes Kristoffersen (drums)
Torstein Slåen (guitar)

Billy Meier

Next out in the Winter garden at Sentralen is Billy Meyer

Billy Meyer

Hans P. Kjorstad

Martin Morland

Henriette Eilertsen (flute)
Hans P. Kjorstad (fiddle)
Sander Eriksen Nordahl (guitar)
Martin Morland (double bass)
Ivar Myrset Asheim (drums)

Milde Moses

And last out, negro spirituals in an energised wrapping - from Milde Moses

Milde Moses

August Kann

Håkon Bjørgo

Kristoffer Lippestad and Sigrid Aftret

August Kann (vocal)
Sigrid Aftret (tenor saxophone)
Kristoffer Lippestad  (baritone saxophone)
Håkon Bjørgo (double bass)
Trond-Martin Tanke (drums)

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I've been covering all seven days of the Oslo Jazzfestival in a project in cooperation with Wikimedia and with support from the Jazzfestival. The purpose of the project is to document concerts and events of the festival, while increasing the number of illustrated articles on Wikipedia in Scandinavia.

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