Oslo Jazzfestival - Thursday

Day five of Oslo Jazzfestival offered concerts by Per Mathisen, Karin Krog, Tord Gustavsen and lots more great artists.

Here are photos from some of the concerts on Thursday.

Ellen Andrea Wang

Bass player and vocalist Ellen Andrea Wang held an impressive four concerts at Oslojazz. The longest was even a 12 hour jam at Saturday. But more about the jam in a future blog post.

At the Thursday concert at Sentralen, the usual trio was expanded by two and performed "Songs from Land".

Ellen Andrea Wang

"Songs from Land" premiered some weeks earlier at Kongsberg Jazzfestival

Andreas Ulvo and Hanna Paulsberg

Jon Balke

Ellen Andrea Wang (double bass)
Jon Balke (piano)
Hanna Paulsberg (saxophone)
Andreas Ulvo (keyboard)
Erland Dahlen (drums)

The concert in Forstanderskapssalen at Sentralen was sold out.

Maciej Kadzielas Quartet

At the Buzz-scene, the Nordic showcase featured Maciej Kadzielas Quartet.

Maciej Kadzielas Quartet

Maciej Kadziela (saxophone)
Artur Tuznik (piano)
Johannes Vaht (double bass)
Olle Dernevik (drums)

Per Husby Dedications Orchestra and Karin Krog

At Victoria Per Huseby gathered musicians for a revisit to the 1980's Dedications Orchestra. With vocals from the living legend Karin Krog. 

Karin Krog and Jens Fossum

Per Husby

Karin Krog (vocal)
Hermund Nygård (drums)
Jens Fossum (double bass)
Helge Lien (piano)
Daniel Herskedal (tuba)
Trude Eick (horn)
Kristoffer Kompen (trombone)
Eirik Eilertsen (trumpet)
Ole Jørn Myklebust (trumpet)
Kasper Værnes (saxophone)
Knut Riisnæs (saxophone)
Håvard Fossum (saxophone)
Nils Jansen (saxophone)
Per Husby (bandleader)

Fire! Orchestras

Next up it's Fire! Orchestras. 20 musicians entered the stage at the marmor hall in Sentralen.

Fire! Orchestras

The Swedish band has released four albums since the creation in 2012.

Sofia Jernberg, Mats Gustafsson (middle) and Miriam Wallentin

A strong brass section

Mats Gustafsson, 1/3 of the core trio

Mats Gustafsson (saxophone)
Johan Berthling (bass)
Andreas Werliin (drums)
Miriam Wallentin (vocal)
Sofia Jernberg (vocal)
and 15 more musicians..

Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity

Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity at the stage at Herr Nielsen.  


Gard Nilssen (drums)
Petter Eldh (double bass)
André Roligheten (saxophone)
Jørgen Mathisen (saxophone)
Kristoffer Berre Alberts (saxophone)

Per Mathisen Wonder Quartet

Per Mathisen Wonder Quartet at the stage at Buckleys.

Per Mathisen Wonder Quartet, with Bendik Hofset at the right

Utsi Zimring

Per Mathisen

Olga Konkova

Per Mathisen (double bass)
Olga Konkova (keyboard)
Bendik Hofset (tenor saxophone)
Utsi Zimring (drums)

Tord Gustavsen and Oslo Domkor

Last out tonight, a sombre and meditative performance from Tord Gustavsen and Oslo Domkor with Tore Brunborg in Oslo Domkirke (Oslo Cathedral).

Tord Gustavsen

Tord Gustavsen (piano)
Tore Brunborg (saxophone)
Oslo Domkor (choir)
Vivianne Sydnes (conductor)

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