Crap Comedy - part 1

Crap åppå Park (aka Crap Comedy Festival) is a annual event that takes place at Parkteatret in Oslo in the end of January. The festivals combines quality international comedians with some of the of the most popular comedians in Norway. This year's international line up headlined Barry CrimminsBridget ChristiePaul Foot and Eddie Pepitone.

I covered the four day long festival. Here are some of the photographs from the shows.

Wednesday - Blymandag

Blymandag is a reoccurring event at Crap. It's always sold out and it features the same cast each year.

Else Kåss Furuseth and Sigrid Bonde Tusvik

Odd-Magnus Williamson and Henrik Thodesen

Morten Ramm

Odd-Magnus Williamson (comedian)
Else Kåss Furuseth (comedian)
Morten Ramm (comedian)
Sigrid Bonde Tusvik (comedian)
Henrik Thodesen (comedian)
Martin Beyer-Olsen (comedian)

Thursday - Humornieu 

The Thursday night show Humornieu features up and coming comedians.

Martin Marki

Tom Styve

Amanda Erlandsen

Morten Ramm (comedian)
Vegard Tryggeseid (comedian)
Amanda Erlandsen (comedian)
Martin Marki (comedian)
Erlend Mørch (comedian)
Bjørn Asgeirsson (comedian)
Peder Birkelund (comedian)
Tom Styve (comedian)
Unidentified (keyboard)

Friday - Tvungen tekst

First out on Friday night, Tvungen tekst. The challenge presented by the host Bård Tufte Johansen, come up with new material on the spot.

Bård Tufte Johansen

The show featured both new and experienced comedians.

Cécile Moroni

Bård Tufte Johansen (comedian)
Christoffer Schjelderup (comedian)
Lars Berrum (comedian)
Jan Tore Kristoffersen (comedian)
Cécile Moroni (comedian)

Friday - Paul Foot & Eddie Pepitone

Friday night continued with Paul Foot & Eddie Pepitone.

Paul Foot

Eddie Pepitone

Eddie Pepitone heckling Eddie Pepitone with stuff only Eddie Pepitone would know about

Here's Eddie Pepitone in a 2010 show

Paul Foot (comedian)
Eddie Pepitone (comedian)

Late Night Friday

Final show out on the Friday, Late Night.

The very funny Ahmed Mamow

Atle Antonsen

Dag Sørås

Sofie Hagen (comedian)
Dag Sørås (comedian)
Martin Beyer-Olsen (comedian)
Ahmed Mamow (comedian)
Christoffer Schjelderup (comedian)
Atle Antonsen (comedian)

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