The Django Festival, day 2

Photos from the secound day of the Django Festival at Cosmopolite Scene in Oslo.

Hot Club de Norvège

First out this night was Hot Club de Norvège and Kourosh Kanani, with vocal support from Eva Scholten.

Hot Club de Norvège and Kourosh Kanani at Cosmopolite

Hot Club de Norvège was established in 1979

Jon Larsen and Finn Hauge

Eva Scholten

Jon Larsen (guitar)
Svein Aarbostad (double bass)
Finn Hauge (violin)
Stian Vågen Nilsen (guitar)
Kourosh Kanani (guitar)
Eva Scholten (vocal)

Video of a concert at "Gamle Logen" in Oslo, October 2013. Source: Kjell Olufsen / YouTube


Brady Winterstein Trio

Brady Winterstein Trio with Martin Weiss at the stage at Cosmopolite.  

Brady Winterstein, Xavier Nikq and an unidentified guitarist at the right

Martin Weiss

Brady Winterstein (guitar)
Unidentified (guitar)
Xavier Nikq (double bass)
Martin Weiss (violin)

Remi Harris Trio

Remi Harris Trio and Giacomo Smith at the stage at Cosmopolite.  

Remi Harris Trio and Giacomo Smith

Remi Harris

Remi Harris (guitar)
Unidentified (guitar)
Unidentified (double bass)
Giacomo Smith (clarinet)

Late Night Jam at Belleville

Touche hosted a late night jam at Belleville.

Johan Tobias Bergstrøm


Johan Tobias Bergstrøm (guitar)
Bård Helgerud (guitar)
Fredrik Solberg (double bass)


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